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skeeterknees haha im sad Favorite track: ghostless.
Yamilt A.
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Yamilt A. Sadness will never be so intimate. Favorite track: ghostless.
Michael Reilly
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Michael Reilly Heartbreaking music with an overwhelming sense of melancholy, this release gains even further sorrow due to the loss of Florian Rehse. This is slow, fragile and very affecting experience – a true 'album' for those who understand the genre. Favorite track: the hour undone.
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brantly Beautiful, minimal, daunting and heart-breaking music that really creates a wonderfully pensive, drinking-alone-at-3:30AM atmosphere....sad music with a sad end. Favorite track: ghostless.
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Syncospace Found out about this record from a friend a few years back. I'm glad to have stumbled upon it here to finally give it my support. Stunning, melancholic and intense record. Great while traveling and/or reading. Favorite track: the hour undone.
Mike Lamb
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Mike Lamb Everybody needs to experience Escape the Day.

They only ever released one album before a tragic demise, but it stands as an example of what music can truly be. It feels like something that could only have ever been spun into existence at that moment in time. Ghostless is ethereal and haunting, something I come back to year after year. Favorite track: days.
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released July 1, 2005

"ghostless" was recorded, mixed and mastered by joerg hartmann at molekyl.ton studios in berlin, june 2005. all music was written by lars pätz and florian rehse.

lars pätz: vocals, guitar, piano, and conga on "the hour undone"
florian rehse: drums, bass, guitar, samples, percussion and vocals on "hallways"

lina paul: vocals on "this wave's length", "still" and "ghostless"
nikolaus "cellolitis" herdieckerhoff: cello on "the hour undone" and "still"
elisabeth kietz: clarinet on "if i told you"
pamela rehfeld: djembe on "the hour undone"

thank you: florian (for everything), joerg (for all the patience), lina paul (you did a great job!), mikko (for making this possible), lisa, nikolaus, pamela, andi, maria, kostas

escape the day is forever dedicated to the love and memory of christoph florian rehse (1979 - 2005).



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Track Name: hallways
Pass these doors again

Laughter from below

Words we never spoke

The same wall

The hour's getting late

Decisions never made

Outside there still is hope

Crash out on the road

That leads on
Track Name: ghostless
I've never seen the fire

Never felt your hands on me

Slowly realizing

The stars are not the place to be

Remember to forget me

Cover the silence in your eyes

I am just an explanation away

Lose me before I lose myself
Track Name: days
Cutting through the clouds of silver skies
Descending to the ground and then arise
Days are gone I feel I might be home
But where are you, where has your love gone?

Pale wall, your steps still echo through it all

Strong belief is always something good
But my idea has been misunderstood
Staring through a dark hole in the lake
Lacking all the power that it takes

Days pass, some say that nothing’s gonna last
Track Name: if i told you
In the city, a bright light
The kind that is always around
Take your wishes, hide now

If you know what it means to me

If I told you that my heart
Holds a part of that light
Then why is always something wrong?
You know what it costs me
That I'm lost here
Track Name: still
The sound of a leaving train echoes in the distance

I only came so you could watch me walk away

I could have been the one who's watching

The one who'd stand there and reflect

The moments that I had

Before I dreamt myself to death

Now we're on to another place

As the smile on a strangers face...

Track Name: this wave's length
A long cold stare

Is making its way

The sun is shining all the same

Save all your prayers

Pretend to be waiting for me

Wasted infinity

Fall asleep to other people’s songs

Kill the lights

Only to escape the day

And in the end it all comes down

To waking up where you belong